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Whether your dog struggles at home, at the park, or socializing with other pets, Heidi's Hund Haus will cover your needs. Browse our services to find the right training for you. Not sure what's best for you and your hound? Book a consultation for a training plan tailored to circumstances unique to you and your pup. Rates are $160 for 1.5 hour consult and $130 for 1 hour training session. Contact us for more information on playgroup sessions and boarding services.



A dog's recall is essentially their ability to come back to you when you call their name. With some practice, consistency, and plenty of treats, we can help you get your pup back on track.


Play Skills & Socialization

Without proper socialization, dogs may get aggressive or develop other behavior issues. If your furry friend is less-than-friendly around other dogs, we can teach them how to get along at playtime.


Play Group Sessions

Play groups provide a safe space for dogs to interact with each other as well as with humans. Through play, pups learn how to read each other's body language for cues on when to back off.


Basic Manners

If your pet has trouble following directions, we can help smooth out any misunderstandings that make transitions and routines frustrating or too comical to manage.


Leash Manners

Proper leash manners are essential for safety when out and about. If leashing is a struggle for your pup, we can show them the ropes for a smooth stroll. 


Resource Guarding

Turn-taking and sharing can be tough concepts for pups to master in a dog-eat-dog world. If resource guarding is an issue, we can help your pup understand that there is no shortage of treats and toys.


House Training

Exhausted with unpleasant surprises? Desperate for a truce with the delivery guy? Whatever fiasco your furry friend finds a way into, we can help them learn less destructive or disruptive ways to play and communicate.


Fear & Agression

Signs of aggression or fear usually stem from an underlying cause. We can help identify the source, build a more positive environment for your four-legged friend, and teach them healthy coping and calming strategies.


Boarding Services

Rest assured that Heidi's Hund Haus will be a safe and homey environment for your pup while you are away. Services include nutritious meals and treats,  regular walks, and playtime. 

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